What we do

Technological Platforms

We have technological platforms to reinforce solutions and capacity building supported by cutting-edge models.

Design of Programs

We develop tailored content and programs based on the specific needs of each business through face-to-face and / or online formats (asynchronous and synchronous).

Consultancy and Advisory

Business process consulting:

We accompany organizations from different industrial sectors or services, from the identification of business needs, the execution of plans, as well as the evaluation of results, generating solutions based on world-class methodologies.

We support in the implementation of business processes through the accompaniment of specialized Consultants.

Solutions with Strategic Allies

According to the level of the project, we generate tailored solutions, in conjunction with reliable companies and experts in various areas of knowledge.

Developed Programs


International Reach

We have the ability and experience to offer solutions abroad, both in person and remotely.

Other Services

Certification of Functions

We design the Technical Standards based on labor competencies through the analysis of key functions of the Organizations.


We register the developed contents, both for face-to-face sessions, and online.

Event Logistics
and Services Negotiation

We support in the coordination of events from the selection of the Consultant / Lecturer, including the headquarters, the negotiation of materials, services and other requirements of the client.