Coca-Cola Ambassadors

That is how the pride of becoming Coca-Cola's ambassador is born

Doing what we like improves our mood instantly and if it also helps other people, the effect is maximized!

For us, being Ambassador of the Mexican Coca-Cola industry (IMCC) means believing that wealth lies in our differences, that we -regardless of age or taste- can enjoy something that makes us happy the day, that we are part of nature and that is our responsibility to do the best for the care of the planet.

Besides, We like to drive healthy lifestyles Through physical activities and eating habits that allow those around us to enjoy the fullness of every moment.

Our principles as ambassadors can be summed up in three words: Enjoy, inspire and act. And this is an example of it:

Of course there are many more stories you can discoverhere.

The IMCC and Mexico have our passion, commitment and delivery 365 days a year (the essence of an ambassador). We are part of a company that seeks to generate a positive impact on people, society and the environment.

Being ambassadors is proud of us!


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