Sessions abroad
Paraguay (April 25th and 26th) 26 participants
Bolivia (April 29th and 30) 27 participants
Perú (May 2nd and 3rd) 52 participants
Argentina (October 17th) 50 participants:
  • Reginald Lee: 3
  • Arca-Continental: 16
  • Andina: 5
  • Coca-Cola Femsa: 7
  • Coca-Cola Argentina: 10
Chile (October 18th) Matemática Comercial del Cliente

 Receive my gratitude for all the support! IMCR is a vital issue for the Company and not everyone puts it as a priority on the agenda. You have given us the opportunity to introduce this process and theme in a super bearable way. Thank you!"

Coca-Cola Argentina

Training on Ambassador topics: Latin America

“I liked the dynamics, the topics were explained very well. The practical way to explain was very useful.”

- Ambassador of Coca-Cola Femsa Costa Rica Testimonial -

“The learning process seemed quite complete, it was very participatory and practical.”

- Ambassador of Coca-Cola Femsa Panama Testimonial –

“I learned the importance of knowing the characteristics and properties of our product portfolio. I take great knowledge, learning how to be a worthy representative of the brand.”

- Ambassador of Bepensa República Dominicana Testimonial -

Month Workshop
May Practical negotiation Workshop based on the case method
June Shopper Marketing
July Leadership at the point of sale
September Ondemand satisfaction
October Commercial Mathematics of the client
November Commercial Finance
November Workshop planning for the execution at the point of sale | Value Dialogues

“we are satisfied with the programs and teachers that you give us, we are sure that counting on you is a strength of the commercial school”

Omar Juárez
Training and Development

"The training was very good, with good attendance and good degree of satisfaction"

Diego Tuesta
Training and Development

Santa Clara 2.0

The workshops have been a "watershed" in the evolution of monthly sales as we have managed to grow for three months in a row and the trend indicates that by December we will achieve the fourth month with growth. It is important to consider that the Workshop concluded with a contest and that it has also supported that these results are achieved.

About the support of the Instructors I can tell you that I am very grateful, because in addition to the professionalism of each of them involved the flexibility to adapt practically in each workshop given the learning we were having and included in the following that were taught..

Jorge Guevara
Santa Clara, Arca Continental